Anatta Spa

Welcome to Anatta Spa
Anatta Spa is A Thai spa with an Asian inspiration concept, located in the centre of Biel.
 “Anatta” literally means “not-Self”. It's explain in old Pali word from the Buddha’s teaching . 
      An idea about the word ``Anatta``it's mean  ``to let go``  We are a modern Thai Spa, that does not consist of 
steam baths and saunas. We offers differnt kind of targeted treatments by Season, Traditional Thai massage, 
Facial treatment, waxing
with European cosmetic and development product,
here you can reserve couple treatment rooms
which is ideal for couples or friends to enjoy your day together "Click here for Winter Promotion ''

Hygiene guidelines in the Anatta Spa

What we do for following prevention concept?

Our Prevention Concept:
  1. All employees are wearing masks, face shields / protective glasses
  2. Disinfection of contact surfaces like door handles, furniture, equipment, toilets, shoes etc. every time of any visit
  3. Keep social distance regulations at our entry, reception, and waiting area,
  4. We install the Clear PVC protection in reception services, separated from the person,and spit protection.
  5. We have set up Anatta Spa with High hygiene standard
  6. Details will follow by BAG regulation.
  7. We also offer all treatments in the single room, so  we have open in 2nd  location only for reservation.
         Nidaugasse 54, 2502 Biel, 1st floor
         Marktgasse 3, 2502 Biel, 2nd floor
Treatment Room (after every treatment):
  1. Disinfection floor, all contact surfaces
  2. Refreshing Room air ventilation
  3. We leave trust bins in treatment room with the covered

Treatment Bed

  1. Spray disinfection: Protective plastic bed sheet, cover pillow.
  2. Fresh towel, slipper, contact bed sheet, face sheet, protective blanket sheet, protective hair net
Less communication (talking) during treatment session keep you more relaxation .

Before / after the massage:

  1. incase of warm body temperature, we will ask you for measure your temperature with a thermometer
  2. Enjoy Thai herbal Tea with new take away organic paper tea cup and snack/ season fruit.
  3. We call back for new appointment, all requests, consultation and also for voucher reservation.

How to get service in Anatta Spa during Corona times ?

  1. ​​​​​​​The treatment will take place individually for all customers (1 customer per treatment room) In order to avoid the gathering of several people in the room, we also offer treatments in 2 locations: Nidaugasse 54, 2502 Biel, 1st floor and Marktgasse 3, 2502 Biel, 2nd floor
  2. Reservations for couple massage please only by phone on 0779 370 485
  3. It is compulsory to wear a mask during the treatment and stay at Anatta Spa (exceptions: facial treatment)
  4. Distance and hygiene measures will continue in every room 
  5. Pay cash at the smae amount of treatment cost to save your time
  6. Hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance, in each massage room and on the toilet.
  7. Instead of your shoes, you get fresh slippers to move around in the practice rooms. Your shoes will be sprayed with disinfectant.
  8. Pay attention to the social distances. The staff will help as much as possible on you request.
First visit:
  1. Wait at waiting area
  2. Get information and write down all your request (Appointment, pain, services info, price info, voucher, even complain, less communication, we will help you all your request.
  3. We have a hygiene gift set for you
  4. Enjoy your treatment
  5. After treatment please wash your hand then having a Relax Tea, snack / Fresh fruit
  6. Payment, write the note for us (re-Appointment, complement, advised, complaining...)
  7. Waiting our after services call at home (We try to help you all your request)

How to make appointment ?


  • For reservations and information please contact us
        Tel: +41 77 937 04 85
        Online reservation:
  • Walk in available on 10-18h, please reservation online or telephone reservations also quick respons.
  • Please fill out an information sheet at the reception each time you visit 

    360 camera bigger  view    click here
for Massage, we use only 100% natural massage oil & essential oils Product.
Anatta Spa

Nidaugasse 54, 2502 Biel, 1st floor
(opposite Coop in Stadt Biel)

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 10-20h
Sat: 9-19 h

    +41 77 937 04 85

Walk in are available 10-18 h
please reservation

  • Smooth skin waxing
    warm waxing Haarentfernung
  • together in thai spa
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Kurt Binggeli 14.11.2020
Herzlichen Dank an Nopparat für die Wohltuende gekonnte Massage, mir geht im Moment es besser, Gerne immer wieder

Michael L H. 04.11.2020
I have been suffering for months with back and neck pain and a lot of muscle tension. After 2 two hour sessions with Savita this week in Annata Spa (Massage Paradise), she was able to professionally and wonderfully fix the problem areas and also deliver a 10 Star, 1st Class Massage. I highly recomend the Arkaya - Deepa Massage for 120 min for everyone.

Langenberger Françoise 17.10.2020
C’est la deuxièmement fois que je profite de ses massages je le recommande! c’est juste divin magnifique moment super accueil

Langenberger Françoise 17.10.2020
C’est la deuxièmement fois que je profite de ses massages je le recommande! c’est juste divin magnifique moment super accueil

Sidra 30.09.2020
Super Team und Service! Freundlich und sehr aufmerksam. Bei ihnen fühlt man sich wohl und aufgehoben. Ich komme wieder!

NiSheachnasaigh 13.09.2020
Really recommend Anatta spa, all aspects were excellent - the atmosphere, products used, the team and the treatment. And a lovely tea and melon afterwards to complete the treatment. Really enjoyed my visit and looki g forward to going back.

Sophie 15.082020
Friendly and relaxing place. Made me feel really better. Thanks

marco 31.07.2020
ferien in der ch und zwei mal anatta spa. super vielen dank
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