Spa Packet

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Anatta Spa destress packete
Anatta de-stress Packet ( Best saller )120 Min
( Massage + Aromatherapy )
Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot +Relaxation Foot Massage + Facial facial acupressure points+Indian Head Massage 30 Min + Arkaya-Deepa Massage 60 Min (Indian warm oil massage)+Relax Herbal tea , fresh fruit

A powerful stress-releasing treatment for deep relaxation session. Indian warm oil with aromatic massage that help specifically physical tension as a result of jet lag, Busy lifestyle and other conditions relating to the office syndrome. This packet is total well-being treatment to help you reach the state of balance and deep relaxation.                                                                                                                                   
120 Minute / 170.- Fr/ One Person,
120 Minute / 330.- Fr/ Two Person
Anatta Spamassage lover
Spa for Massage Lover   150 Min                
Foot Soak & Refreshing Foot + Fresh Body Scrub A La Carte+ Deep Tissue Massage or Traditional Thai Massage + Warm Herbal Compression +Anatta's Fingerfood /fresh fruit + Glasses of Prosecco/ Tea/ Coffee

Begin with feet & body scrub helps to detoxify and deeply purify the skin. Followed by an hour of  Deep Tissue Massage to improve blood circulation, treat the knot and release scar tissue. Finish with herbal compress to help release muscle tension & relax sore muscles. Ideal for Clients who like to do Sports, Fitness training, or Massage Lovers.                                                                                                                      

150 Minute / 220.- Fr/ Two Person
150 Minute / 400.- Fr/ One Person
Anatta Spa expereinces
Anatta Spa experience 120 Min
Foot Soak & Refreshing + Fresh Body Scrub A La Carte + Aromatherapy Body Massage + Tea/ Coffee

Gentle fresh body scrub combines feet, elbows and knees scrub using our special natural ingredients. Your skin will be smooth as silk and our healing hands will loosen tight muscles and seep away tension.     
                                                                                   120 Minute / 170.- Fr/ One Person
120 Minute / 330.- Fr/ Two Person

Anatta Spa rosa therapie
Ayurvedic Rose Therapie   150 Min
Foot Soak &Refreshing Foot+Exfoliating your skin with bristle brush + Honey & Fresh homeade Sweet Rose Body Scrub+Rose Glamour Milky Bath + Rose Ayurveda Warm Oil  Body Massage + Head & Scalp Massage+ Anatta's Fingerfood
/fresh fruit + Glasses of Prosecco/ Tea/ Coffee

Such a sensational delightful nurturance ideally crafted for perfect romantic couples, a natural flow of sweetness from 'rose ' and sense of Ayurveda essential oil by Rituals Cosmetics. Absorb the feelings of eternal love & care and feel the sensual pampering of mystical magic  miracle fresh Rose  therapy.                                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                                                                             150 Minute / 220.- Fr/ One Person
220 Minute / 400.- Fr/ Two Person