Massage & Ergonomie

Massage & Ergonomie in Homeoffice 
Be Kind to Your Body While Getting the Job Done! With COVID-19 keeping most people at home, it’s more important than ever to focus on maintaining your physical and mental well-being. While socializing via phone and video calls is a good way, but if you have existing back, neck, knee, or joint pain, it will likely get worse if you’re not exercising at home.

What’s the remedy to work-from-home pain?


Applying ergonomics to your workspace can go a long way towards a healthier body and a more focused mind.

Work-from-Home Ergonomics:
If you’re familiar with home regulary exercises, or other activities that more comfort during home office, there’s no need to stress.

But if you feel discomfort on your shoulder, experiencing back tension, neck stiff , knee pain, or joint pain or start to have digestiv discomfort?  ? If so, we preparing the new treatment solution for you.
Whether you choose to read more information online or appoitnment to visit us for advice , you will get the experience and knowledge of body mechanic and Ergonomics.

Body Posture Analysis
a neutral position and can reduce the risk of pain or injury →
1. A chair that supports your spine
The best office chairs support the natural S-curve of your back, offering what’s known as lumbar support.
2. A desk set at the proper height for using your keyboard
A height-adjustable desk allows you to comfortably position your keyboard and monitor, for sitting or standing.
3. An ergonomic keyboard
Most keyboards force your hands inward so your shoulders are hunched. An ergonomic keyboard is one that either has a low, flat profile or that tilts forward to keep your wrists in a neutral position.
4. A mouse that fits your hand
A touch pad or a standard mouse can stress muscles. Look for a mouse that’s comfortable to grip and moves smoothly.
5. A display set at a comfortable height, within arm’s reach
Make sure you can see what’s on your monitor or laptop screen clearly, without having to crane or bend your neck.
6. Good lighting
The right light will reduce eye strain and help you avoid craning your neck. Natural light is best, or get a good lamp.
7. Anything that helps you relax
Noise-cancelling headphones, a houseplant, or an essential-oil diffuser can help reduce stress while you work.

1.     Posture Assessment
2.     Ergonomics consult
3.     Myofacial release

  • Deep Tissue Massage Technique
  • Gentle release Massage with Aroma Oil
  • Chineitsang (Abdominal Massage)
  • Back-Shoulder Massage+ Indishe Head Massage
4.     Stretching session (20 Minute)
With the "20-Minute Stretching" program, my goal is for you to do only ten minutes of the stretching exercises that are most important to you - every day.
5.    Breating exercises (20 MIn)
6.    Warm Compression session (20 Minute)
  • Warm Compression (Herbal Ball, Alpen Compression , Thai Herbal Compression, Himalaya Stone)
  • Cold Compression (Gel pad, Ice Massage)
Whether you choose to read more information online or appoitnment to visit us for advice , you will get the experience and knowledge of body mechanic and Ergonomics.

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“Most people don’t get serious about making their workspace ergonomic until they hurt, and the pain becomes unbearable"