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Massage services
We provide only natural plant massage oil, without parafin and toxin-free products for professional use.

Neck- Back-Shoulder Massage

back massage in Biel
Back & Shoulder Relieve Massage
Using our deep tissue massage and myofascial relief techniques, soft tissue release , with superficial pressure applied on your body, we help to increase blood circulation and relieve tension that manifests itself in the upper body.

30 Min / 50.- Fr
60 Min / 90.- Fr

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Biel
deep tissue massage biel
Deep Tissue Massage is designed to increase blood flow and break down scar tissue to release tension blockages and knots. It is an  effective Massage technique ,bringing more blood and oxygen to the tissue , speed healing and relieves tightness . Deep Tissue Massage doesn’t necessary mean “hard” as with the proper technique muscles deep in the body can be reached with a minimum of pressure. It is based on Swedish massage
   60 Min/   90.- Fr
   90 Min/ 120.- Fr
 120 Min/ 160.- Fr

Traditional Thai Massage

thaimassage Biel

Thai Massage takes the concept of energy lines within the human body called Sen. The choice of techniques and positions depends on the client’s predisposition and specific conditions.Opens blocked areas, reduces stiffness. In general, eastern view of health is being explained in terms of free energy flow and balance in the elements.
  60    Min/   90.- Fr
  90    Min/ 120.- Fr
120    Min/  160.- Fr

Arkaya-Deepa Massage(Indian warm oil massage)

indian warm oil massage at anatta
 This session is a full-body massage with Warm  aromatic oils. Arkaya Deepa massage is a composition that provides regenerative deep relaxation and the vitality  releasing new energies The whole body

'Arkaya' mean 'Sun' 'Deepa'  mean  'light'
This special massage harmoniously combines the advantages of Indian methods with Western aspects.
60  Min/   90.- Fr
 90  Min/ 120.- Fr
120 Min/ 160.- Fr

Aroma oil Massage

Aroma therapy massage Biel
Massage Biel
Medium to strong massage with warm up technique and the healing influence of pure Etheric oils derived from plants and flowers.Helps reduce stressful tensions and soothes tense muscles, leaving the entire body feeling totally relax.  we apply 100 % natural oil and essential oil  Product
   60 Min/   90.- Fr
   90 Min/ 120.- Fr
 120 Min/ 160.- Fr

Relaxation foot Massage(Nuad Tao )

Asian foot massage

Discover a sense of comfort & relaxation with Asian foot relaxing massage. Applying a sea salt foot scrub to promote circulation and reduce foot odour. Warm towel will help release sluggish flow and improve the nervous system. Stimulating foot and leg massage with pressure and strokes. Made with warm oil and cool camphor. Loosens tension, brings the energy to flow and ensures a pleasant feeling throughout the body.

60  Min/   90.- Fr
 90  Min/ 120.- Fr

Massage for two person

couple massage in Biel
massage biel

we offer the large double spa rooms are perfect for couples or friends to enjoy massage together.

Massage intensive

4-Elemente Oil Massage

Four elements of oil massage

The four-element doctrine has been with us since ancient times. In it human characteristics and their behavior are assigned to the four elements fire, water, earth and air.

In Anatta Spa there is a special `4 element oil massage` which depending on the type of your element, there are special essential oils. These high-quality, natural massage oils are specially selected according to the individual needs of each individual customer.

What is your element?
60  Min/   99.- Fr
 90  Min/   129.- Fr
120 Min/   169.- Fr

Basis Oil : grape seed oil, castor oil, sunflower oil .
**Promotion for 2 Persons got 10% off
Fier element
Earth Element
Air Element
Water Element

Bio Coconut oil massage(Sumer special)

Anti-stress after sun treatment with our organic coconut oil, the perfect treatment for everyone ,helps soothe the skin after the sun.
Warm Coconut Oil Massage helps to eliminate excess water from your body and enhances your immune and nervous systems. For this massage you may also choose different essential oil, 
60 min 99 Fr
90 min 129 Fr
120 min 169 Fr

"Chi Nei Tsang" abdominal massage therapy

abdominal massage Biel
Chi nei tsang
anatta spa biel
Chi nei tsang
Thousands of years ago, the Taoists realized that emotions can cause serious damage to one's health and impair physical, mental.The technique was developed by Taoist sages of acient China. "Chi Nei Tsang "or CNT, is an ancient form of detoxifying, energizing, abdominal massage. It blends Chinese and Thai massage and meditation techniques, making it truly different from any other healing modality .
50 Min/ 90.- Fr

Warm organic Candle Massage

candle massaeg in Biel
Anatta Spa

 the special aroma organic massage candle  enchants with gentle light and creates a harmonious atmosphere. We offer 100% natural ingredients made with the finest organic coconut oil, shea butter and nourishing aloe vera extract.The pleasantly warm massage candle oil absorbs gently into the skin. Soothes and nourishes the skin. Ensures well-being and a very soft skin feel. Made in Switzerland.

 60  Min/   99.- Fr
 90  Min/   129.- Fr
120 Min/   169.- Fr

Hot-Stone-Herbal compression massage

Hot Stone Massage


Hot stones help to release tension.

It feels good with up to 55 ° C warm stones, the whole body is massaged. The Hot Stone Massage is notdeep massage. The tension is released by heat. The hot stone massage is very traditional method. It is a form of therapy from America and Asia.

The Hot Stone Massage is a fascinating combination of massage, warm treatment and soothing hot basalt lava stones. The hot stone massage brings body and mind in harmony.
The warm stones, combined with an aroma oil massage, can also release deep tension

• Stress reduction and recovery
• Strengthens the immune system
• Increases your well-being
• Improves lymphatic circulation and circulation
• Fast Regeneration
• Inner peace and balance

Info and costs: The treatment takes about 90-120 minutes
90 min / 140.-
120 MIn /180.-

** Contraindications:
 • Pregnancy
 • High blood pressure / heart complaints
 • Inflammation / fever 
• Skin irritations, eczema, sunburn
 • Osteoporosis
 • Arthritis
 • Post operative area of ​​operation
 • Diabetes (microcirculation problems) 
• Epilepsy
 • Varices 
• Lymphedema

Herbal compression Massage


Massage with steamed herb

Pure natural products – flowers and herbs from all over the world and with only the very best result by combining innovation and tradition with the power of nature.We using the innovative steam unit. Together with our Special relaxing massage technique are ready for your treatment by ANATTA SPA

Are you interested in this?


Special offer, Anatta Spa combination between Steamed herbal stamps with warm oil massages for the cold season.

Perfectly steamed and evenly temperature- controlled herb poultices are carefully guided over the body and give our Spa guest the feeling of being gently touched by a warm hand. The herbal stamp can be applied on the back, leg or Abdominal area.

The combination of warm massage oil is also slowly distributed on the skin. The herbal fragrance unfolds and puts you in deep relaxation. The warm massage pad glides over the body’s outline and smells wonderful. Let go, forget the stress, be spoilt – it has never been so easy.

the effectiveness
  • relaxation
  • Promote well-being
  • Improve blood circulation, warming up soft tissue
  • muscle relaxation
  • softness  skin and improve skin elasticity
 ** Contraindications:
• Pregnancy
• High blood pressure / heart complaints
• Inflammation / fever
• Skin irritations, eczema, sunburn
• Osteoporosis
• Arthritis
• Post operative area of ​​operation
• Diabetes (microcirculation problems)
• Epilepsy
• Varices
• Lymphedema

Back-Shoulder -Neck  Massage 60 Min + Warm steam Herb Massage on the back and shoulder area 30 Min

With our pure natural products (the herbs from the Alps), which pad with the innovative device together with the deep tissue massage technique with 45-55 ° C damped, promotes warmth tension, blood circulation, warming of the tissue
Back-Shoulder Muscle relaxation, reduce tension and discomfort

1 Person /90 Minute / 140.-Fr

Herbal Foot bad + Aroma Oil  Massage 90 Min + Warm steam Herb Massage 30 Min

the special package for herbal treatment are carefully guided over the body and give our Spa guest the feeling of being gently touched by a Warm.The herbal scent unfolds and moves the guests into deep relaxation, promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism and helps with muscle tension

1 Person / 120 Minuten / 180.- Fr.