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Date of Review: 31.01.2018
Very  good massage this time, much better than the last. Felt really that the difficult points were well worked on. Thank you

Martina Weber 
Date of review*: 03/12/2017
How was Anatta Spa? Kommentar: Sehr angenehme Atmosphäre, freundliches und zuvorkommendes Personal. Super entspannende Massage.

Date of review*: 07/12/2017
How was Anatta Spa?
Kommentar: Comme toujours un super moment de détente. Cette foi-ci j’ai essayé le massage indien est ce fût vraiment un plaisir. A conseiller

Roxanne 12.11.17  18.30 Uhr  , Thank you for helping me with my back pain :)
Nice place, I will come back..Roxanne
massage biel

Cynthia 23.10.2017​
Kommentar: Definitely the best massage I ever had ! Anatta Spa offers a very good quality of massage, in a relaxing athmosphere with an ambiant music which makes it even more pleasant ! I already came two times and I'll come back again. Thank you for providing such a good quality, just what I needed ;-)

​Fabio Giannotta29/9/2017
How was Anatta Spa? *: Encore une fois j'ai reçu un deep tissu massage mais cette fois-ci de 90' et cela a été un moment de relaxation pur.
Vraiment des masseuse professionnelles et expertes.
Je ne peux que recommande cette adresse.Bravo

​Philippe 27/6/2017
Nopparat and Mey make me younger! Their hands are a real wonder. Even if it is painful its pleasant to feel them on my body. I cant wait until my next appointment. Thank you both.  Nopparat et Mey me rajeunissent! Leurs mains sont magiques. Même si elle me font mal, c'est agréable de les sentir sur mon corps. Le temps est lng jusqu'au prochain rendez-vous!. Merci à vous deux.

Sportsman( Not published Name)8/06/2017
"Die Deep Tissue Massage wirkt wirklich Wunder - löst Verkrampfungen, fördert Durchblutung, entspannt und ist nicht zuletzt äusserst wohltuend für die Sinne. Nopparat und Ihr professionelles
Team gehen individuell auf allfällige Problemzonen, z.B. Sportblessuren ein und unterstützen speziell auch beim Zielpublikum körperlich aktiver Menschen bis hin zu Profi-Sportler nachhaltige, schnelle Regeneration und Heilung. Auf jeden Fall sind die Dienste von Anatta Spa sehr empfehlenswert."

Makus 16/5/2017 
I recoment my family and friend to have the best massage From Anatta spa, i feel totally relax and enjoy the 90 min Signature oil massage session, thank

Eden Venti Saturday, 6 May 2017 15:49
I have been searching for a massage therapist for a long time. Mey was wonderful and helped me a lot to relieve the stress in my back with the deep tissue massage. One of the best massage therapsists I have met and a very very good experience. I am so happy to have found the right spa and therapist for my health! Thank you, Anatta Spa!!!

Gutknecht Walter Saturday, 6 May 2017 15:49 
It did not have enough
I would choose again 9!
On the other hand, I've already enjoyed a lot with you, but today was the absolute best I could enjoy! Take care of Mey, she is golden !! Again super job done !! I hope very much that it will remain so at this level!
Great !! I love you and wish you a nice Sunday successful open day all the best Greetings Walter (It is not with all the women who run the same business as you would wish you good luck and strength that it remains so !!) Greeting!