About me


Hi, My name is Nopparat Gianfreda,  I am a Physical therapist license from Bangkok, Thailand.

I have 7 years experience from International hospital in Bangkok as orthopedic physical therapist, also deep tissue massage skill
by Fitcorp Asia,  I have attended additional training classes for different Massage technique, Spa Management, also Aesthetics Certificate (SFK)Schweizerischer Fachverbandcosmetic in Switzerland.

Now i live in Biel, enjoy lake Biel and the Nature of Switzerland.

``In my opinion The skill and Personality of Therapist is the key of Spa Business, to create the best result, I must repracticing and regulary training our  Thai Spa therapist team to performing different treatment in Anatta Spa, also learn to understand the Body , we learn to feel the other,  so that cleint can feel better``

Anatta Spa, I chose all products based on Quality and my knowledge experiences. our services ranges from Massage, Facial treatment  and Waxing, i combine the art of Asian spa concept  inspired by Thai massage and Deep tissue massage together with European cosmetics .

If you have any further questions about me or our service please feel free to contact me by Phone or Email

                                                                                                                                                                    Thank you very much